K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 02/24/18

Weki Meki is back, so that means more Kim DoYeon for me! YAS! We also have a fire new track from NCT U. Also another new BoA video, a different version of the Mighty Mouth “Uber” video, and much more. This week also brought us back to over 30 music videos, so you will find plenty to love here!

Full Playlist

Weki Meki “La La La”

NCT U “Boss”

Daphnis et Chloe “Good Night”

Masstige Feat. Minopez, DJ MAD, Shogo Sato “Baby Car”

ED “이제그만 괜찮아져”

Yang Yoseop “Where I Am Gone”

BoA “One Shot, Two Shot”

Mighty Mouth “UBER”

Jay Moon Feat. Kid Milli “Poe Poe”

Jung Seung-Hwan “It’s Raining”

Kim Ye Na “Distorted”

NUZ “you”

NANO “Forever You and I”

Ha Hyunsang “Dawn”

Lee Jong Min “Health Check”

Hash Swan Feat. Gray “Wang Like Alexander”


Jung Tae Hwa “Starry Night”

CLC “Black Dress”

Ji Ye “Tears of the Angel”

DongWoo “my half”

Chris Kim “Miss U”

TRAX X LIP2SHOT Feat. Sophiya “Notorious”

CHEEZE “Just as a Lie”

Martin Smith Feat. Jung Sungha “Crazy”

GIT’N “Emptiness”

Cha EunJoo “I’m Beautiful”

AboutU “Sse Han De”

AboutU “YesterLove”

AboutU “Wonderful”

I.C.E “Shameless”

Roydo “CRZY”

J.yung “Can I”

FR:EDEN “If you can’t fall asleep”

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