K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 01/19/19

41 new music videos in this amazing week of music. We have comebacks from one of my favorite artists, LambC. We also have new music from FAVORITE, GFRIEND, ATEEZ, ASTRO, HAON, and more. Lesser known artists to check out are YODAYOUNG, Postino, Sumsher, and LOGI.

Full Playlist


LambC “Childish”




GFRIEND “Sunrise”


Ahn Sae Ha, Sangdo “Love Notes”


Postino Feat. Park Yeon “Overdose”


IN&CHOO “So Cool”


IN&CHOO “She’s on fire”


O’YOUNG Feat. LO VOLF “Hop in”




kursor “Know”




CallLee Feat. Dino.T “My Toy”


CODE KUNST Feat. Lee Hi “XI”


ATEEZ “Say My Name”


NATURE “Dream About U”


HUTA Feat. Lee MinHyuk “YA”


Bruno Chapman “비켜”


Brady “Want To Be”


Gyepi Sisters “Cinnamon”


Gyepi Sisters Feat. Nongdam “Fisher’s song”


xxinnara “방그레 방그레”


Punch “Heart”


ASTRO “All Night”


GIRIBOY, Kim Sueng Min, OLNL “Stone”


SPACECOWBOY Feat. Knave “That Time”


강헌구 w/ 타무라 료, Nongdam “별먼지”


Sumsher Feat. Limzy “Sunset”


Kicksol Feat. As D “Tight”




NAMHYUK “59 Minutes”


Achtung “Last Trip”


Kang Tae Woo “허언증”


Band Nah “Nights”


YODAYOUNG “one side love”


HAON “Flower”


Lee Jang Woo “On My Way”


Peace Jeong “Snow Way”




Mckdaddy “Issue”


LOGI “Querencia”


Jeong Han Beat “A Gimmer In The Night”

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