K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 01/11/20

We kick off this second week of 2020 with 23 music videos. Some great music bringing the heat in January, as we have new music from ATEEZ, YOUNHA, SF9, VOISPER, as well as the comeback trailer from BTS. Lesser known artists this week to check out are Yerim Sohn, ANS, LUNNE, and SGO.

Full Playlist


ATEEZ “Answer”


Yerim Sohn “PROBLEM”


Yerim Sohn “PALE BLUE”


LoveSong “Windletter”


BTS “Interlude: Shadow”


SF9 “Good Guy”


JO GON, JESE, Hwang Min Jae “Kidult”


YOUNHA “Dark Cloud”


ANS “Say My Name”


Charcoal, Steel “ICY”


B.O.Y “My Angel”


LUNNE “눈꽃”




BLSG “Player”


Yunsae “Stay With me”


DreamNote “WISH”


VOISPER “Keep Going”


Ong Seong Wu “We Belong”


pH-1 Feat. Baek Yerin “Nerdy Love”


nafla “gucci girl”


Colde “Don’t Leave Me, My Love”


SGO “Waiting for you”


Woody “Nothing’s gonna be changed”

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