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As an avid player of visual novels, I try to keep up with the latest releases and when I was granted a code to check out Lupiesoft’s latest game, Mutiny!!, I jumped on it. Now I will admit I didn’t do the research I normally do with visual novels that catch my eye, but Mutiny!!’s character art made me instantly want to play. I probably should have done a little research on the title, but I will explain that in more detail later in the review. Developed by Lupiesoft and published by Mangagamer, Mutiny!! is an adult-oriented game centered around a courtesan named Grace, whom meets a pirate captain that suddenly bails, leaving her with the position, ship, and crew to manage. Inheriting a massive debt, Grace doesn’t flee from this challenge, but jumps head first. It doesn’t hurt she finds out she has a crew full of pretty young monster girls.

Mutiny!! is a visual novel complete with choices that will affect the outcome of each play through. Choices can lead to good, normal and even bad endings, which are known as Mutiny endings. The story isn’t anything to overly gush about, but it is a fun experience to watch Grace take over the ship and interact with the crew mates. I had fun playing through the routes currently available, including the two available as DLC. Lupiesoft also brought in a bit more depth with ship battles that the player must survive through, and puzzles to gain access to certain treasure and continue the story line. While there are only a couple puzzles, and a handful of the ship battles, I found these inclusions to be interesting, and helped break up monotony that can sometimes plague long visual novel play sessions.

The most stand out part of Mutiny!! are the characters. Both with the character designs and the personalities of each character themselves, I fell smitten with most of them in some way. Grace is confident and sexy, and truly looks the courtesan turned captain role. As for the crew, we see various archetypes such as tsundere type, easily embarrassed type, cute and cuddly type, big and brutish, etc. While the game makes sure tropes are nailed, Mutiny!! does a good job having the characters actually be memorable.  My personal favorites were Lara and Lirdynrae, as they were such an adorable pair. My least favorite probably would be Alcina, as I never really care for the brutish types.

There is no voice acting for this game, but the music delivered what I would expect from the pirate setting, and the crew searching for treasures and dealing with various hazards and puzzles. I think the only audio I did not like was during the ship battles, as I felt the sound effects were a tad grating on my ears. This became more apparent as you replay battles through multiple play throughs.

As for the adult content, I began playing the game with just the vanilla steam version. While not shown in the video below that I recorded, briefly after shutting off the fairy did show up topless. So beware nudity is part of this game even without the adult patch. When I installed the adult patch (free from Lupiesoft), I did not know what I was about to be surprised with. Low and behold, I quickly realized just how much this game was about monster girl futanari. For those who don’t know the term, it is basically “Chicks with Dicks”. After finishing multiple routes, there are some strictly yuri scenes if you aren’t fond of the futanari content. The sex scenes don’t really stray past a single gallery image, but do have various variations of the image. I personally don’t care for Futanari at all, but I must say that I enjoyed the characters so much I really didn’t care. I became so engrossed in who they were and not what they were, I ended up racking up over 5 hours of game time.

In the end I think Mutiny!! is a really fun game, with a cast of characters that will bring plenty of enjoyment to the player. Some ship battles can be frustrating, but its all trial and error to find the right combination, and you can always scroll back if you make a mistake. If you don’t want the full on graphic content, then the steam version is perfectly fine and I don’t feel like you will miss out on anything to hamper the experience. Just remember it still has nudity and some sexual content. I was sure after the futanari became noticeably prevalent, I was going to be quickly pulled out of the experience, but Lupiesoft kept me engaged and kept me coming back to earlier saves so I could check out multiple endings. Speaking of which, there are still some Mutiny and normal endings left to unlock, so I will see you all in a couple more hours.

Quick thoughts on the Bonus Route DLCs (Purchased by me, keys not provided):

  • Grozdana: If you like Tusndere girls, this is a must play and will play out pretty much exactly as you expect it to. I just wanted to cuddle her all the time while playing this one.
  • Elizabeth: This route is for the bondage/S&M play lovers. You will be thoroughly satisfied with how this one plays out.

Final Rating: 4 out of 5


Code for base game was provided by Mangagamer for review purposes. Bonus DLC routes were purchased by me.

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