Game Review: Evenicle

Warning: Evenicle is an adult game. It is a  J-RPG eroge game that features sexual content. There is no visual adult content shown here, but there is discussion of the content within the review.

Take one part J-RPG, one part Nan Yaegashi’s character designs and artwork, and one part sex, and you will get the Hentai game Evenicle. Developed by AliceSoft, and translated and published by MangaGamer in the West, Evenicle is one of the first major eroge releases to appear on Steam without needing a patch to restore previously censored content. Before I go in to this game further, I do want to warn you that within this game are scenes of rape and sexual violence.

Evenicle is set in a fantasy world that was created, and governed by rules set by Mother Eve. Her laws are set in stone, and should they be broken, those people are cast an outlaw and have to bear a black ring to showcase them as such. In comes Asterisk, our protagonist, who lives with his two sisters and doesn’t remember anything from his early youth. He wants to marry them both, but per Mother Eve’s law, one must be a knight to marry more than one woman. Each level of knight brings about the opportunity of more wives one can marry. There are no weddings in this world, and instead the couple who love each other have sex to seal the deal. Afterwards they awake with wedding bands that appear on their fingers.

Asterisk’s quest begins when his sisters send him off in to the world to become a knight, so he may eventually marry them both. He ends up passing out while swimming from the island he grew up on, and winds up washing ashore where he is discovered by a young woman named Riche. As he explores the world, he learns more about Mother Eve’s rules, that a sinister threat is creeping about the world, and he learns more about his past and those he considers family. Of course the most important part of the game is of course that he gets to meet a bunch of beautiful women he wants have sex with and marry.

Asterisk surprised me as he isn’t the normal type of protagonist I am used to seeing in the RPG eroge games. Many games with female protagonists punish the player character in various methods of defilement, and in male protagonist games, they usually don’t show such kindheartedness. I struggled and eventually gave up on the Rance series of games as I just don’t really enjoy playing a character who lacks any ounce of care for those around him. Being an asshole isn’t fun for me, and can totally ruin an experience for me. While Asterisk obviously wants to have sex with the lovely ladies around him, he prefers his marriages and sexual encounters to be consensual. It is extremely rare for the game to break from this sentiment, and made the game more enjoyable than others of a similar vein.

The rest of the cast tends to fall in line with many J-RPG and eroge tropes. As for the main ladies of the game we see a strong knight, a princess who is strong willed, as well as a tsundere character, and others. No eroge game is complete without a tsundere in line up, we all know this. The interactions between Asterisk and the ladies make for very entertaining dialogue through out the game. I found myself laughing a lot as they engaged each other, as well as the women among themselves. The game does a good job establishing relationships that help bring about greater immersion.

As for the roleplaying game mechanics of Evenicle, I must say I was genuinely surprised. The game is designed very well, and could stand on its own even without the adult content. As you traverse the map, you build up a gauge that shows how close you are to the next random battle. There are also stronger monsters hidden in smoke you can find and fight, or specific battles you can trigger for an experience bonus. Fighting is turn based and you can see when each character’s or enemies’ turn is set to be. This helps add a bit of strategy to how you might control the flow of battle. Controlling the battle is definitely needed as the boss fights, along with Megamonster fights, will require you to use specific tactics to defeat.

Like in most role playing games, your characters in Evenicle can equip weapon, armor, and accessories. You can even capture monster girls in battle and equip them after, as each one has their own attributes they help boost. You also have skill points to use on equipping spells, attacks, and bonuses to assist in battle, and will gain more as you level up. Utilizing skill points is not permanent, so you can easily equip and unequip as needed between battles. Most skills and spells use Battle Points, and you have a max of five to use. A Battle Point can be regained each turn in battle, with a potion, or even skills currently slotted based on the character.

As Asterisk continues through the story, he gains his status as a Knight and can continue to rank up, which allows him to marry more women with each increase. As you gain wives, everything you do in game helps increase a love meter. Once the love meter is at max, you can return home and witness a special scene with one of your wives. Each chapter allows you to gain another scene to open and witness. Once you have witnessed all scenes with one of your wives, an extra accessory slot opens up. So ensuring the love gauge is filled as often as possible is a a necessity for helping in combat, outside of witness some truly great moments between Asterisk and his wives.

I’m sure anyone who has played the Senran Kagura series, or is familiar with Nan Yaegashi’s artwork doesn’t need me to sell them on this factor of the game. His signature style is in full affect here, and I have to say I actually prefer the character designs in Evenicle to Senran Kagura. It is due to the fact this game feels less focused on huge breasts, that the ladies have a more endearing quality to them overall. I found myself constantly taking screenshots of multiple event scenes. Even the men of the game are well designed, and don’t feel tossed in like many eroge games tend to do.

When it comes to adult content, Evenicle sprinkles enough to remind you this is a hentai game, from story sequences to side quests to just capturing monster girls. Yet when it comes to the more hardcore adult content of this game you won’t find yourself constantly watching sex scene after sex scene. AliceSoft does a good job of spacing it out through the game, and it helps makes scenes feel more special that way. The scenes surrounding the nights where Asterisk weds his new wives in particular are really well done. They feel genuine due to how the dialogue properly conveys the relationships between Asterisk and the women. For the more disturbing content I discussed in the first paragraph there are scenes of sexual violence that are thankfully not too common and are sparse throughout the game. While I would have enjoyed an option to not witness the visual aspect of that content, the only options available are to turn off all adult content or none. Said scenes are truly the only part of the game I’m not a fan of, but the amount of times they occurred wasn’t high enough to warrant being too upset about and not continue my play through.

Evenicle might be the best hentai role playing game I’ve played to date. It can easily stand alone without the adult content, as it has serious personality and heart. While the story won’t surprise you for the genre, it is still surprisingly strong and well told. You will surely find much to love about this game, whether it is the art, the combat, or the relationships between the characters. It is not often that the game itself outshines the sexual content so immensely. Evenicle is a treat that I can’t recommend enough for those looking for something that offers more of an adult flair with some gorgeous artwork.

Rating: 5 out of 5 Beers

A digital Steam code was provided by the publisher for review.

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