G-Nitro’s Week In Review – 12/29/17

Final week in review for 2017, and it’s been a rough year for almost everyone. Below are some very interesting reads on a few topics. My favorite being the piece on The Introvert’s Brain, considering it hits so damn close to home. Also hitting close to home is the first video below, so don’t miss that one! So I hope everyone has a wonderful 2018!….. HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Best Beers of the Week:

Media Consumed:

Bundle Bargains of the Week:

Videos of the Week:

I am a product of an interracial marriage, so this video about Koreans falling in love with other races from other countries was very touching for me.

Ross Draws Art had an interesting idea where his mom started a drawing, and he took over. The final product is gorgeous, and I hope I can buy it in print on day.
The Independent Critics have come out with their 100 Most Beautiful Faces, and 14 ladies from the Korean Entertainment industry made the list!

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