G-Nitro’s Week In Review – 12/01/17

Hope everyone survived Black Friday and Cyber Monday madness, but more importantly I hope your wallets survived. Personally I have about 70 or more books headed towards me, but hey I’m a reading fiend this year. I found two great Kickstarter projects I backed this week, and from here on out they will be given it’s own section when I find a project that I personally back. Red Velvet fans, of the K-Pop group and not the dessert, will be happy by one of the videos included this week.


Kickstarter Projects:

Best Beers of the Week:

Media Consumed:

  • [Book] The Lotus War Series – Stormdancer | Kinslayer | Endsinger
  • [Book] The Valley of Amazement
  • [Book] Legend Series – Legend
  • [Graphic Novel] Friends With Boys
  • [Graphic Novel] Wires and Nerve
  • [Documentary] Bad Rap – A very interesting documentary about Asian American rappers. While it mostly focuses on Dumbfoundead, it also features Awkwafina, Lyrics, and more. I thought it was an interesting documentary showcasing the struggle that Asian american rapper truly face when trying to make a name for themselves in hip hop.

Bundle Bargains of the Week:

Videos of the Week:

This week I’m bringing you an episode from KBS’ show K-Rush season 2. It features Red Velvet and CLC. It is also fully subtitled.

I really enjoyed watching this video of Arden Cho and Jennifer Chung sitting down and chatting. I’ve been listening to their music for quite awhile now.

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