G-Nitro’s Week In Review – 11/24/2017 (Black Friday Edition)

It’s Black Friday so I hope you had your fill on great food and crazy family during Thanksgiving. Now get out there and spend that money on stuff you don’t need right now, but better to save money by spending money right? I know it makes no sense, but we’ve all said something similar when we see a great sale. I haven’t gone too crazy on video games like in past years, but instead I have about 50 books on the way. Oops! Anyway because it is Black Friday, I’ve included four Twitter accounts below you should definitely be following for some great deals in video games, anime, and more. I hope everyone finds what they want and has a safe time if they are braving the stores.


Black Friday Special Section – Twitter Deal Accounts: 

  • Wario64 – Videogames and sometimes movies and anime. Fastest deal finder in gaming!
  • CheapAssGamer – Videogame deals. Sometimes faster than Wario64.
  • BrokeOtaku – Best deal finder in anime and manga!
  • Fat Kid Deals – Delves in to anything a nerd would want. Even finding deals on candy, snacks, and clothes.

Best Beers of the Week:

Media Consumed:

Bundle Bargains of the Week:

Videos of the Week:

Take Craft Back has dropped another fantastic video in their attempt to raise the $213 billion needed to buy AB inBev.

I’ve been posting up a lot of Jim Sterling videos since I began this, but this one is such a fantastic watch as he states EA And Battlefront II Really Fucked This Up.

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