G-Nitro’s Week In Review – 03/16/18

Sorry for the slight delay, as it was a busy Friday for me and I just forgot to get this up on the site. Thankfully now I can say Go UMBC! The first ever 16 seed in the NCAA Tournament to beat a 1 seed. Why is this great? Mostly because so many of my friends went there that I spent a lot of time hanging out on that campus any time I was home on leave from The Air Force. I may not have gone myself, but I hold very fond memories with friends of that school. Also a funny fact, Rex Tillerson was fired while on the toilet. Hope that makes you laugh today! On to the WEEK IN REVIEW!


Best Beers of the Week:

Media Consumed:

Bundles of the Week:

Videos of the Week:

I loved watching Minah and Yura of Girl’s Day traversing L.A. Arts District, eating some delicious looking pie, then seeing the Hollywood sign on a recent Battle Trip episode (Subtitles are available.)


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