G-Nitro’s Week In Review – 02/23/18

So I kicked off my week with a huge Sour Wilde Ale Festival out in Baltimore, so no surprise that all 5 of my beers this week are from there. I also read one of the coolest books ever called Illuminae. It was absolutely amazing in how it presented its story and I can’t wait to jump in to the sequel next week. I also joined the stream team of Scholarly Gamers and will be contributing to their website as well. So a great week has ended, and hopefully next week is just as awesome!


Best Beers of the Week:

Media Consumed:

Bundles of the Week:

Videos of the Week:

Higher Brothers newest video is here. Damn I love this Chinese rap group’s style so much.


Koreans Eat Vegan Food. Their reactions might surprise you.

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