G-Nitro’s Week In Review – 01/12/18

It’s been a good start to 2018, except for when it comes to my streaming schedule. I promise I will be back soon, but I’ve been extremely focused on getting my 2017 Favorites and Best Of posts done. I only have the Top 10 Games left, so I plan on being back on my stream by next week. With a full time job, it’s sometimes tough to try and focus on many things when I get home. Anyway I found some really cool stuff this week to bring you, that I hope you find as interesting as I did. I mean a K-Pop Super-Hero! Let’s do this!


  • Marvel is introducing the first K-Pop Super-Hero, known as Luna Snow. She will officially debut in the online mobile game, Marvel Future Fight developed by Netmarble. I played the game for months and it is a  lot of fun, and now it looks like I’ll be jumping right back in.
  • Anyone who knows me as a drinking buddy, knows I like to try new things. One specific style is the heat beers, and I can’t resist trying something that might light me up. Beer & Brewing Magazine spotlights how this style is Bringing The Heat.
  • With the OverWatch League kicking off some people are bringing up a damn good question, where are all the women on the pro teams? Kotaku points out that Kim “Geguri” Se-Yeon isn’t even on a team in a league filled with male Korean players. Heroes Never Die also bring their own thoughts on it. The excuses surrounding why women aren’t present is typical videogames bullshit we’ve been listening to for years.
  • Many of us have tapped the top of someone else’s beer bottle with the bottom of ours. So why does it immediately foam up and shoot out the top? Well some people took the extra step, and found out why!
  • Thanks to a recommendation from my friend Lorie, I decided to take part in the PopSugar 2018 Reading Challenge. 50 Challenges to get me reading more, and sometimes out of my comfort zone.

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Preview trailer for Luna Snow’s debut!

Blackpink has launched their online show Blackpink House, complete with English subtitles.

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