G-Nitro’s Top 5 Korean Dramas of 2016

While my anime watching dropped to pretty much zero titles this year, my Korean Drama viewings jumped up big time. I watched more shows this year than any in the past, enough that I could easily create a Top 5.

5. Yeah, That’s How It Is

Yeah, That’s How It Is shows three generations of a family, and the various ups and downs they all must face. This was a show that had a very nice balance of drama and comedy. There were times I was legit sad or worried, and other times where I was rolling with laughter.

4. I Have A Lover

I Have a Lover was a show ended in early 2016, and one that had me hooked from the start. A show about a husband and wife drifting apart to the point he is leaving her for a younger woman. She is angry, but refuses to change from the cold lawyer she has become. After being mistaken for someone else, she is pushed off the road and loses her memory in a very bad car accident. The rest of this show is about the rekindling of their love, as well as plenty of betrayal and many dark secrets emerging. This show totally engrossed me all the way to the end.

3. Mrs. Cop 2

A single mother police officer is trying to take down the head of a corporation who is pure evil. She is in charge of a special force of cops, and will stop at nothing to solve the mystery that will unravel the CEO’s power. This was a terrific cop drama, that was filled with dark and bright moments. Kim Beom truly portrays a very sadistic and evil villain. I truly despised him, which shows just how well he played the role. I was also pleased to see Son Dam-Bi in the show, and she acted very well.

2. Second To Last Love

Second To Last Love is a romantic comedy about two single individuals in their 40’s whom keep running in to each other sparking irritation between them, but also interest in each other. You don’t always get to see a light-hearted rom-com of people at this age range, so I was glad that this show was really enjoyable. This was also the second show I watched with Ji Jin Hee as one of the main characters. He has been a favorite actor of mine since He Who Can’t Get Married.

1. Beautiful Gong Shim

My number 1 show this year featured Minah of Girl’s Day. She does an absolutely wonderful job of portraying a very awkward, plain girl named Gong Shim who manages to get caught up in a love triangle. Namgung Min plays Dan-Tae, a very happy go lucky guy that is always joking around, but is also trying to help find a woman’s long lost grandson. On Joo-Wan plays Joon-Soo and is a rich heir to large corporation, and falls for Gong Shim’s awkward ways. This show is chock full of laugh out loud moments, but also surprisingly has a very dark story involving Dan-Tae. I can not recommend this show enough, and was one of the best Korean dramas I’ve enjoyed in a long time.

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