G-Nitro’s Top 100 K-Pop Music Videos of 2018: 80 – 61

It is day two of my Top 100, and if you thought day 1 was good, get ready for this next batch. So let’s jump right in to the next twenty songs that will count down songs 80 through 61.

80. Moon Byul Feat. Seulgi “Selfish”


79. TaeYeon “Something New”


78. H.U.B “Finale”


77. LOONA “Hi High”


76. Stray Kids “Get Cool”


75. BOL4 “Travel”


74. PRISTIN V “Get It”


73. Lee Jin Ah w/ GRAY “RUN”


72. Apink “I’m so sick”


71. NCT 127 “Simon Says”


70. MAMAMOO “Wind Flower”


69. CHEETAH Feat. MINOS “Bumpkins”


68. SURL “Stay Here”


67. J-Hope “Daydream”


66. HA:TFELT “Pluhmm”


65. Rothy “Lost Time”


64. Stella Jang “아름다워”


63. Olivia Hye Feat. JinSoul “Egoist”


62. gugudan “The Boots”


61. Amber x Luna “Lower”

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