G-Nitro’s October 2019 Goodreads

Not a lot of books read last month, at least in physical form. I just kind of needed to slow down to avoid a reading slump. So I turned to shorter books and manga for the month, which mostly made me miss hitting much of my TBR pile. I also realized I create said pile, then my mood through out the month causes me to ignore it and just read other things. While I wish I could always meet my TBR, I’m glad I don’t force it. So whenever you see my TBR image below, there are no promises on my thoughts the following month for any of the books selected. Anyway, let’s jump in to what I checked out in October, and what I HOPE to read in November.

Anything with a review will be linked to a very short synopsis of my thoughts. Don’t forget to follow me on Goodreads as well.

November TBR

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