G-Nitro’s November 2019 Goodreads

Back on that reading grind through November, as I was able to get another 9 books finished for 2019. More light novels, as I’ve really found over the past two years, I enjoy just the quick easy one night reads these can be. I also read the finale to one of my favorite book series, so check out everything below!

Anything with a review will be linked to a very short synopsis of my thoughts. Don’t forget to follow me on Goodreads as well.

  • A Sister’s All You Need Vol. 5 by Yomi Hirasaka – ★★★★☆
  • Beastly Bones by William Ritter – ★★★★☆
  • Didn’t I Say To Make My Abilities Average In The Next Life?! Vol. 7 by Funa – ★★★★★
  • Ghostly Echoes by William Ritter – ★★★★☆
  • My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong As Expected Vol. 8 by Wataru Watari – ★★★★☆
  • Colorful Dreams by VOFAN – ★★★★☆
  • Monster Girl Doctor Vol. 5 by Yoshino Origuchi – ★★★★★
  • The Queen of Nothing by Holly Black – ★★★★★
  • KATANAGATARI Vol. 3 by NisiOisiN – ★★★★★

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