G-Nitro’s Favorite Things of 2017

So every year I do lists about the best of 2017, whether it is K-Pop, Korean Dramas, games, and other media. This year will still have Best of lists for K-Pop, Videogames,  and Music albums, but everything else will fall in to this post where I discuss the things in 2017 I enjoyed the most that didn’t have enough in their category to make a list, or a list makes no sense. Some of these things came out in 2017, and some did not, but were things I truly loved. So let’s get on with it and start bragging about my favorite things of 2017.

Running Man

One of my favorite Korean variety shows has always been Running Man, but I never felt like I could catch up. There are hundreds of episodes, so it was overwhelming. This year I decided I would catch up, and damn if I didn’t. This show somehow manages to consistently stay fresh every week. With amazing guests and crazy ideas for games and stunts, I am always amazed that I never bore of it. I would watch two or three episodes a night, many times documenting it with clips to my Instagram stories. Now that I am caught up, it genuinely just feels odd that I don’t always have a next episode to watch. Watch it via Viki, Dramafever.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

I know I had a Top list for Korean Dramas last year, and while I watched quit a few, most were trashy, not so good, lunchtime dramas that always go one for 100 episodes for no good reason. I did manage to catch one amazing drama that came out this year, and I have been advocating for people to watch it since. That is Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. It is a Korean drama about a girl with super strength, and the man she goes to work for as a bodyguard. While it is a show that will consistently have you laughing out loud, there is a pretty dark plot going on in the background. I was glued to this show, and it is available to watch on various platform. Watch it via Netflix, DramaFever, or Viki.


Speaking of Korean Dramas and variety shows, Viki became my go to platform for them this year. I used to catch mostly everything on Dramafever, but at some point the Running Man episodes dried up and new ones never came. I switched to Viki and found out they had all of them up to date. I realized that wasn’t all they had, but also had other variety shows and many of the weekly music shows also. I started spending hours each week with Korean entertainment thanks to this service. I even went and paid for the $9.99 subscription as you get to enjoy some content even earlier, and I always like supporting the platforms that I use a lot. Check out Viki now.

Nintendo Switch

I’ve owned some iteration of every Nintendo system to date, with the only exception being Virtual Boy, but after Nintendo 64 I have been nothing but disappointed with their home consoles. Sure I find games I enjoy, but not enough that ever warranted said purchase. So when I pre-ordered the Nintendo Switch I questioned my sanity. Why would I jump in day one when I have been burned the last three times. It started off with me questioning my judgement, as I didn’t enjoy Breath of the Wild (I know, I’m a heathen). Quickly by Summer I couldn’t put the thing down. With Mario Kart 8 DX, Splatoon 2, Super Mario Odyssey and more, the Switch has been freaking amazing. I can’t stop playing it and I love the indie support as many of these games are perfect on the go. So bravo Nintendo, and I look for to an amazing 2018.

Reading and The Lunar Chronicles

I went crazy this year  as my passion for reading was sparked back up for the first time in probably a decade. So I decided I was going to catch up on series I missed that I shouldn’t have. I started visiting local thrift stores and second hand book shops to help fill out my bookshelves. The website Goodreads has helped keep me moving from book to book, and it is great seeing what friends are reading to find more suggestions. I read through Percy Jackson, Throne of Glass, A Court of Thorns and Roses, Monogatari series, but not stood out like The Lunar Chronicles series. I instantly fell in love with the first book Cinder and the main character of the same name. As each book came out and more of the main cast was introduced I fell in love with them just as hard. They are so well written, and the story is the perfect recipe of fairy tales, Star Wars, with a sprinkle of anime. I can’t recommend this series enough. I’ve even started buying candles, prints and other swag from the series off Etsy. If you haven’t read Lunar Chronicles, go do it now!  You can check out my Goodreads 2017 Year in Review, and check out some online discount bookstores like BookOutlet.com and Thriftbooks.com for some cheap book goodness!


Early this year I had said I was done with Crate subscription services, but then I got back in to reading hardcore. As I am a huge Young Adult fan, I saw a good friend join Owlcrate (YA Book crate service), so I signed up alongside her. I have been impressed every month with the items and books included. I have received some great Tea, a coffee mug, multiple candles, and so much more. You also receive a book each month that usually has an exclusive cover and a signed book-plate. I have to say if you are a YA novel fan, you need to join this subscription service. Owlcrate has been the best non-food crate service I have been subscribed to and I have no plans on stopping any time soon. They sell out the next month very early, so if you are interested, best to subscribe early. Check out Owlcrate and subscribe for your own monthly box.

Kindle Paper White

A few years ago I bought a Kindle and I never really used it. It never felt right and I would get bored trying to read on the thing. Who knows why I thought a Paper White version was a good idea, but the price was a right, so I grabbed one. I am surprised by how much lighter it is, and the paper white makes it feel more like I’m reading a book and not staring at a boring grey screen. I have read more books on it this year, than in the 3 or 4 years of owning my older Kindle. I also love the back-lit screen so I can enjoy reading while lying in bed without having to turn on a lamp. And while I am still not as speedy of a reader on it as I am holding a real book, I am getting more comfortable with it with each read.

Otakon DC

This was probably the #1 thing for me in 2017. Otakon moving to D.C. was just what the convention needed. A new location and a better location overall. Easy metro access, food spots with in walking distance almost every direction, and just a more vibrant city. I won’t waste time rehashing here, so go read my blog post I wrote earlier this year about Otakon 2017.

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