G-Nitro’s Favorite Anime of 2017

I thought about a Top 10 for this year, but honestly I had a few drops and the second half of the year my anime viewing fell off. So instead I’m doing a favorites post similar to my Favorite Albums. While I wish I had gotten more viewing in, I can say I’m extremely happy with the shows I was able to watch.

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

I had just started reading the manga when I saw an anime was coming out, so I just had to check this out. It quickly joined the ranks of some all time favorites. The characters and their relationships are outstanding, especially for a premise that could have easily been another “fish out of water” slapstick moe anime. Don’t get me wrong, as the humor and slapstick is surely alive and well. The thing about Dragon Maid is you actually watch all the characters learn, mature, and begin to see how they have benefited from each others’ friendships. KyoAni definitely went all out for this show, and it shows in its quality.

Where to Watch: CrunchyRoll, Funimation

Eromanga Sensei

I love my moe, I need my moe, and Eromanga Sensei is just that type of moe I year for. It is essentially a show about step-siblings who barely talk to each other, but have been working together without knowing. This hit all the notes I wish the Oreimo anime had but didn’t. Watching Masamune struggle to connect with his younger step-sister Sagiri was cute, funny and sometimes a tad depressing. Thankfully with a well rounded cast of moe tropes, this was a fun and super funny show. Don’t get me wrong though as the tropes aren’t just average throw away characters, but ones you’ll definitely remember years later.

Where to Watch: CrunchyRoll, Amazon Prime


I’m going to be straight with everyone, I hated AHO-GIRL when I first watched it. I struggled through the first episode, and was left thinking what stupid trash did I just watch. Then while bored one night and looking for one of the short shows (this one runs about 12 minutes an episode), I said screw it and watched episode 2. I was nearly rolling off my couch in roaring laughter, and I might have slightly frightened my dogs. Why did I suddenly find it funny, you are asking yourself. What changed was my expectations, and understanding of how the show worked. It’s humor is non-stop, and has very little downtime. Now that I was prepared, I just fell in to its trap and enjoyed it until the last episode aired. I haven’t laughed this much at an anime since Seitokai Yakuindomo last aired.

Where to Watch: CrunchyRoll

Interviews With Monster Girls

Whether it is in manga form or in anime, Interviews with Monster Girls is something I can not get enough of. This show is about a teacher who is helping his monster girl students cope with school and everyday life as they mature and come to terms with themselves. This show could have easily gone down the slightly creepy rabbit hole many shows due, but it is truly a charming and sweet show. Do some of the girls have crushes on the teacher, sure but so do many students in high schools in the real world. This show left me just smiling after each episode finished.

Where to Watch: CrunchyRoll, Funimation

Tsuredure Children

Oh high school romance, how different you are for each couple. Tsuredure Children approaches this topic just like that. There are multiple couples, and each episode will focus on a few each time. You get a range from cute couples, to best friends turned couple, couples who can’t quite form due misunderstandings, etc. I truly loved watching the couples go through the motions of high school relationships, whether it was struggles to confess, just being cute and loving, or fights threatening their partnership. With only 12 minute episodes, this series managed to tell the stories of the couples presented without much issue. The only one issue myself, and a couple others I know whom watched it, was the couple in which a Studen Council president was forcefully making a troubled student date him. It came off as just uncomfortable 95% of the time during their time on screen. Disregarding that specific couple, there is a lot to enjoyment and laughter to be had in this series.

Where to Watch: CrunchyRoll, Funimation

A Centaur’s Life

I wasn’t sure if I was going to include this series or not, because it is a very interesting slice of life show. It is probably the truest to form slice of life show I have ever watched. You watch the lives of high school girls in a world in which Monsters inhabit instead of humans. There are many political and social aspects going on in the show while we watch these girls lives, but the show manages to mostly stay light with a good dose of humor. Most of the humor just produces modest laughter, and not many laugh out loud moments. It was a good show to watch when I just wanted to unwind and relax, and I recommend it to anyone who is looking for a show like this.

Where to Watch: CrunchyRoll, Funimation

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