G-Nitro’s Favorites of 2014 – TV, K-Drama, Comics, Anime, Manga, Music

Before I get to other 2014 lists (Top 10 Games, Top 50 K-Pop), I decided to throw up what my favorites were in other categories from this past year. Basically this is every medium I didn’t think I could fill out at minimum a Top 10 list. I hope you enjoy and also check out each these that I loved in 2014.

TV Show

Highly Questionable – Just like last year, this show is still the one show I rarely miss an episode of. The times I have missed an episode is because it gets bumped to ESPNews. Dan, Bomani, and Papi still entertain each week without managing to become stale, and remains the best content on ESPN. Papi rapping is still a great highlight and when he nailed a verse from Notorious Thugs this year, I jumped up in celebration. The 2014 Papi Awards  might have been the cheesiest thing I’ve watched all year, and I loved every minute. Below I have included the Notorious Thugs clip.



Modern Farmer – I always enjoy the Korean Drama shows that have a good amount of humor, and Modern Farmer is a show that has an overabundance of humor. I managed to catch an episode at random one day, and was laughing so hard only 5 minutes in. From that point on I picked up the show at the beginning and it has been a really fun ride. The show has no qualms about resorting to toilet humor for jokes, but is also not afraid to create a tangled web of romances and drama between the characters. If you are tired of the heartbreaking K-Dramas, Modern Farmer is a great lighthearted show guaranteed to bring laughter to your viewing experience.

Comic Book

Ms. Marvel – When I first heard about the new Ms Marvel, I was definitely intrigued to see how the series would handle a teenage muslim girl, Kamala Khan, taking over the role as the character. This was a bold step and one that they have delivered on brilliantly. Kamala feels genuine and not just another character that fits the superhero mold. You see her not only struggle with her newly found powers, but she also must deal with being a teenager, her Muslim family, and other personal problems and relationships. Don’t misinterpret that though, Kamala is a character that while struggling, still manages to be good-natured and humorous. Major props to  Sana Amanat, G. Willow Wilson, and Adrian Alphona for this series, and I can’t recommend the new Ms. Marvel enough to people looking for unique female comic leads.


Kill La Kill – One of only 2 series I finished this year, but hey that is double the amount I finished in 2013, so things are improving. Kill la Kill is the first anime in a couple years that truly sucked me in. From the get go I was drawn to it with its great visuals, humor and action. What starts off as a show about a girl searching for her father’s killer, quickly turns in to a show that everyone wanted to debate about. Kill La Kill is one of the rare anime series in which people want to sit down and dissect various meanings. The best part is the show hasn’t been seen as only one interpretation, but has sparked so many you can have discussions ranging from commentary on fashion, the transformation of Japan, problems within Japanese society, or numerous other topics. My favorite interpretation to listen to is in regards to the transformation of Japan. If you want to know more about that, find an anime convention with Charles Dunbar or Katriel Page in attendance and they will gladly discuss it with you. Find their schedule or buy the e-book of that discussion over at Study of Anime.


Mayo Chiki – I loved the anime series that I decided to check out the manga, and I fell in love with the characters all over again. The manga as expected has much more content than the anime could ever produce in only 12 episodes. The ridiculous story of  a man who can’t be touched by women or he becomes ill, and the woman butler who disguises herself as a man. While Mayo Chiki is very much a comedy, there are plenty of touching moments through out the series. The characters and interactions all feel genuine, even while manga logic and physics comes in to play plenty. Fair warning, there is a good amount of fan-service mixed in.

Music Album

Taylor Swift “1989” – This is not what I expected to be my album of the year when it comes to music outside of Korean pop. I kept searching back through the year trying to find something that I felt was better. I was defiant in my own choice being Taylor Swift. I was like it can’t be her right? There has to be something else that I have listened to near daily at work. I couldn’t come up with a single album that I have enjoyed this year from start to finish. The entire album washes over you with really good pop music goodness. I love pop music, but its not often I can have an album end, and I can just hit play and listen to it again. I know people will probably question my sanity on this one, but I assure everyone Taylor Swift delivered a damn good track list on 1989.




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