Extra Life 2017 Campaign! Donate and Get Game(s)!

It’s time to start pushing my Extra Life 2017 campaign. I am hoping to reach $800 again this year, and hopefully surpass it as it has in recent years. The last two years I have been able to raise over $1000 each thanks to your generous support! This year I am once again giving away steam codes for donations.

For every $10 donation, I will be giving away a Steam game code of my choice. For $25 or more, I will let the donor choose from a list of games that I deem to be of higher quality. To receive your games, please donate with a message letting me know who you are on Twitter, Discord or Twitch, so I can message you. (See bottom of post for list of possible games you could get for each tier)

Once the $800 goal is reached, I will raffle off numerous Steam games, Smite gems, and more live on Twitch as a celebration. I will do a second raffle when $1000 has been reached, netting me a Gold Medal for Extra Life. Depending on how much is raised, the giveaways will continue for higher goals once $1000 has been reached.

See links below to not only donate to my Extra Life campaign, but follow me on Twitch, join my Discord, and follow me on Twitter!



Examples of possible games you could receive for $10 tier: Poncho, Divide By Sheep, JumpJet Rex, Void & Meddler Episode 1, Settled, Corporate Lifestyle Simulator

Examples of some games you can find on the $25 tier list to choose from: Rocket League, ARK: Survival Evolved, Sims 3, Wasteland 2, Dead Space 2, Dragon Age Origins, Stardew Valley, Stanley Parable

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