Book Review: The Bone Witch by Rin Chupeco

I was a huge fan of Rin Chupeco’s The Girl From The Well series, and I wasn’t surprised out how I loved this book and how it plays out. You have two perspectives, one of is the main character Tea, and the other is a bard who has been seeking her out. She tells him her backstory and why she is doing what she is. So when Tea’s story begins we find out she is in a family of mages, but after her brother dies we quickly learn Tea is a Dark Mage as she raises her brother from the grave at his funeral. She is whisked away by a dark asha to begin training her power, as her brother tags along as her new familiar.

We then get to watch how her training unfold, and learn just how much power she actually yields. Surprisingly being trained to be an asha isn’t just about being trained to control your power or learn physical combat. You are expected to consort with guests upon request, preferably be able to sing or dance, play instruments, and be good at conversation. There’s also a dark mystery going on while she is being trained, and one which Chupeco weaves well as I didn’t expect the culprit.

Each chapter is 95% of her past, with the end of each chapter being a brief look at the present from the the bard’s point of view, in which he learns what she is currently planning. I loved how Chupeco laid this out in each chapter, as it really helps make the story more interesting. The moments of the present always tease you just enough that you can’t help but want to start the next chapter to hear more of Tea’s story.

By the end of the book I couldn’t get enough of Tea as a character, or the world and setting Chupeco developed. I loved her dark magic and necromancy powers, which only seemed to get cooler and more intriguing as the book went on. When I hit the final page, I was like “Wait, don’t stop there!” and went to make sure I had the second book on pre-order. I look forward to seeing how the story plays out in the sequel.

Cover Thoughts: Beautiful, yet dark. It helps to have my favorite color purple on the cover. Also the image of Tea sitting on top of the cliff sets a great atmosphere, and you can’t help but let it grab your attention.


Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Beer Glasses


The Bone Witch was purchased by me and I have received no considerations from either author or publisher.

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